Advice Sought Budget Build

I wanted to splurge $350 on a budget build for light gaming and general Internet use. I was considering a specific build till I discovered the cpu doesnt support Windows 7. I am also aware of some installation issues and bios issues with amd cpu’s. Need some advice here on compatibility.

Amd Ryzen 2600 for $120
AsRock B450m steel legend mATX for $80
Gskill Trident Z 3600 32GB 2 x 16GB for $80

I already have the psu, gpu, and case.

This is just to hold me over till next year when Ryzen Zen 3 comes out. I plan on getting the 8 core X variant on the x670 chipset. That build is aimed for running 3000 series RTX with an LG oled 4k tv. I plan on getting the tv and gpu by the following year. This build is to built with a Linux OS.

Till then I need somethhing lightweight but that can run windows seven… And fit in my budget. Is this mobo a pain to setup with this cpu with bios issues, anything I dont know about?

I have a usb 3.1 stick with a few OS on them. Win 7 has thw usb mouse and keyboard drivers installed - I read that was one issue with Ryzen and win 7. Also have Ubuntu and a few other distros available on a hard disc storage device.

Ryzen 2600 with that Trident memory at 3600 mhz on that AsRock mobo… Is that possible? Seems like specs match up?

Just dont want any surprises if possible. Last build I went Intel skylake I5 and a z170 with zero issues. That computer is mostly parted now.

Id like to get a budget build that can run win 7 but have more than 4 core 8 threads if possible. When I get the Zen 3 monster built this lil budget build will become a dedicated music and video editing machine. Maybe used for multi tasking along side the Zen 3. Which will be my dedicated Star Citizen content machine.

That was the thought anyway. Im just impatiwnt to wait anymore and want a computer in the mean time that can just get me by.

Any tips are greatly appreciated. Atm I dont have a second compyter and never played with amd or Ryzen cpu’s but Im familiar with overclocking amd basic hardware stuffs. I do recall my dad’s 386 but never became a programmer or sorts even though I follow the tech to some degree. Thanks guys!!! :sunglasses:

I’d go 3200. Anything above that on zen1 / zen+ is dicey.

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One thing that helps is a rough geographical location, for example Microcenter has some great cpu/mb combo’s but you have to go to the physical store.
Right now I am looking at a HD upgrade. “Wow M2 is really fast, but I need a pcie adapter and I cant boot off it”. So I would look for an M2 port, Then again no idea if Win7 supports M2.

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This build kinda fell apart in concept.

Id rather wait to get Zen 3. But…

Any tips on a build for $350 that allows me to run win 7?

It won’t run Windows 7 well. What are your reasons for running Windows 7 when it will be highly insecure when updates stop in less than 2 months?

If it’s telemetry, Microsoft added that to 7 and 8 with the November 2016 roll-up and ever since, so unless you want to be even more insecure than it will be after the final update in January 2020, that isn’t an option.

If it’s familiarity, run open source “Classic Start Menu”.

If it’s cost, well… it’s only a wallpaper watermark now for 10 if you don’t activate.


Well, main reason for stick with win 7 is simply cause I really like it. Second was cause I was under the impression Win 7 wasn’t such the dragnet Win 10 was made out to be. Win 10 does push my limits of security vs privacy. However recently I’ve caught on to some sources that reveal Microsoft in its entirety along with Intel AND Amd’s shady behavior with backdoors, intentional vulnerabilities, security flaws, etc.

It seemed like a good idea to sell the Intel. Anything Intel post 2007 and Amd post 2013is actually a liability. So my plans have changed.

Thanks for trying though.

The last CPU which supported Win7 would be Intel’s Skylake (aka 6th gen Core i/Xeon E3 v5), when it came to motherboards not all OEM(motherboards/prefab) supported every function under Win7–M2 slot works may it be SATA or NVme but to get NVme to work it requires using a motherboard makers’ Win7 slipstream USB creator tool so it can install Windows with the drivers loaded like a pre-fab PC maker.

Cost wise building a older PC isn’t going to be cheap as Intel H170/Z170 boards also supported Kabylake CPUs, you might find an off-lease Skylake based Dell Optiplex with Win7+Win10 license as many desktops can be found for under $350 with some interesting specs(8-32 GB RAM & 240GB SSD). There were a few Kabylake boards which maintained Skylake CPU backwards compatibility for Win7 usage.

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Source? Everything I have read about is an overhyped possible security issue or unconfirmed rumors. I have not seen any confirmed backdoors.


I can’t fathom choosing win7 or older chips for security reasons, nor do I see any advantage to that vs running linux with a windows-like desktop (for your stated purpose). However, if that was my goal I would look on craigslist/ebay/etc for a used business workstation capable of supporting whatever GPU you want to throw into it - for instance dell/hp i5 4950/equivalent systems aren’t uncommon to find in the $100-150 range, and hold up well for “light gaming” - just takes a bit of patience/looking.

Edit: just reread and saw you wanted more than 4 cores - that’s probably tricky with that budget. Grab a r5 1600/2600 and run linux :slight_smile:


You’re sacrificing your security by choosing to run windows 7, which in turn sacrifices your privacy completely. Privacy is only obtainable in a safe environment.


Grab a Talos II workstation from Raptor Computing (IBM).

Open source firmware, open source management engine. The best thing about it is the firmware being open allows you to modify pretty much everything to your heart’s content. No backdoors, no need to “take their word for it”. These PC’s are built for power users like you and I. Slap an amd GPU in to it and you have the most secure gaming rig in the world lol


As others have pointed out, staying on Windows 7 is non-sensical in 2019.

Other than that, I am no budget builder connoisseur by any means, having said so, your build seems optimal for its price point and I must say -As a Spaniard, damn, I am envious of American Pricing on things :smile:

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Looks at the prices in link: :srs:

You should go for Ryzen 3000 because of IPC tho

And jump into Linux now then

Ubuntu is probably the most botnet of our distros tho

Gotta pay to be ahead of the times :man_shrugging:t2:

Plus think about it by buying in to this new initiative you’re cementing its future

What have your plans changed to? If you intend to run an AMD CPU before 2013 (i.e. Piledriver) those really aren’t 8 cores in most workloads, they’re 4 at most for anything that isn’t integer.

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