Advice on Video Editing

Hello everyone! Top of the morning from good ol’ Texas.

I do a weekly podcast, and lately we’ve started doing companion videos along with the subject of the week. Something we gloss over in the show, we deep dive in a video segment.

With that in mind, I sort of just record my screen, upload into Premiere, cut out dead air, and push it to YouTube. YouTube is shaming me for not having a trailer for new users, so I decided to make one.

My primary question is, how do you learn such things? Please, do not tell me to go on YouTube and search for random videos. I don’t mind watching videos but I want someone or a group with consistent material and a progressive tutorial. I’m not opposed to a book, but I would like it to be modern and relevant.

I thought about going PluralSight, but thought I’d ask the community before I re-upped my subscription.

Any advice you have would be appreciated.


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Do you want to learn premiere or how to make a channel trailer?
Or just video editing tips in general?

What’s your YouTube channel?

:thinking: Hmm… That’s a good question. I guess I want to learn Premiere, and with that I would be able to make scenes and effects for a trailer.

I was gonna wait to share, but funk it. I like you well enough :grin:

Site (undergoing major construction)


Twitter is about a week old and the YouTube is maybe a month old. We didn’t know how long the podcast was gonna last but 11 episodes in we decided to make ourselves accessible lol

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A really good starting point for premiere is this video

As for the trailer itself, it really depends if you’re doing graphics and animation or filming, or a combination of both.

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Taran has a very detailed tutorial over premier if you wanna go that route


Thank you! That video looks awesome.

Thanks, I’ll think about that one. I was wanting some animations for scene transitions. But I’m still n00b enough that I didn’t know if that was something that is built in or if that was built in addition to the video segments.

The trailer was going to be a cheesy infomercial about Devops with scenes of terminals and code snippets lol.

I’ll check it out, thank you!

Thank you both for saving me a PluralSight sub :grin:

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I ALMOST got hired at Linus Tech Tips and would have made that editing tutorial, but fate was not to be. I’ve been using Vegas since Version 6 and transistioned to After Effects and Premiere CC, yet I have no recognition for my work.

Transitions can be done in an editor. Complex transitions will require rendering though, and for rendering, you need a powerful computer…unless you like waiting an eternity.

If you want to do special effects, you’ll have to learn After Effects, as well as probably invest in a green screen.


I assume you also have access to After Effects if you are using Premiere? I personally do all of the editing jobs in AE and I think it is also better suited for making all kinds of animated intros. Also, if you have Cinema 4D Lite version, it might be something interesting to look at.

For learning, pluralsight is one of the best sites there is. I have personally learned a lot from them and their courses are usually very well built. Also, you might want to check the gfxpeers site, if you are into that stuff.

If you want to save your effort, remember that there are always templates you can buy or download and use.

P.S. You really don’t need a super powerful computer for any AE stuff, or editing in general, unless you do it daily and want it to be as fast as possible. I personally use i7-6700HQ, 16gb ram, GTX 960M and I am easily working with this laptop on all 2D and 3D softwares. After Effects renders gets heavy only if I use a very big bunch of simulations/effects. But it’s also possible to optimize everything by caching some animations.

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Color correction and grading is the key

Rest I dont think you can make me like, its just going to be you, and you just get better at being you :smirk:

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another place to go for tutorials is it is one of the better teaching locations for free content out there. They also have a software and topic specific forum when you run into specific problems.

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