Advice on OEM 7970's Straight from AMD?


       So I want to pair up a 7970 with my current XFX 7950. The XFX 7950 has the open design cooling, anyway my main concern with the Crossifire setup would be temperatures since the two cards will be very close together. So I wondered if pairing up the 7950 with a "Blower" design 7970 would be better. As in one of the cards that only shoots air out the back and not all over the 7950, i'm sure you know what I mean. My go to card would be the reference OEM card straight from AMD. Either that or one with the same cooling design from Sapphire. Does this sound like a good idea? I've seen temps from the card linked and they don't seem bad. I thought it would be good to get some extra imput and advise before i bought anything. 

Thanks in advance

Big Big Ron 

The different collers shouldn't be a huge deal with temps. Get a blower 7970 and as long as the OC is low, you'll be fine.

Ok thanks