Advice on cleaning tempered glass

How do you guys clean tempered glass side panels on your cases? I usually use Windex a microfiber cloth and wear gloves made from a microfiber material while I’m putting it back on.

For glass in general Window cleaner fluid and old news paper.


Window cleaner or isopropyl alcohol
microfiber cloth or other lint-free cloth

Coffee filters work well if you don’t have any non fiberous cloth.

But yeah as others said it is just glass. No real need to get fancy.


I find xylene-based cleaners to be great for cleaning nacho sauce off displays and and glass. Use a coffee filter or microfiber rag for best results.


Thanks for all the responses. I mostly wear the gloves since my hands are crazy oily so it’s fingerprints on the glass as soon as I have it done

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Mix of water and Dawn dish soap is my go to with either a newspaper or microfiber.

Glass cleaner and a dishtowel. I rarely take the glass panel off anyway. I hold it by the edges when I place it back on the rubber washer pegs and the edges are painted black (S340 Elite) so no fingerprints show on the inside anyway near the edges.