Advice needed on ups backup's for pc builds/network gear

for powering each of my pc setups ( fyi 1 backup battery per pc ) which of these

would be the best suited for the following builds

build 1 & 2

build 3

an for my network gear (6 items total need backup battery)

would two of these

cover my needs for this gear

D3.1 2.5G Wired Spectrum Advanced Modem

Obihai OBi200 1-Port VoIP Adapter

Panasonic Cordless Phone 4 Handsets - KX-TGF944B (base on battery only)

router - Firewalla Gold Plus: 2.5G

wifi ap EWS276-FIT

EnGenius 2.5Gbps Power Over Ethernet PoE++ Injector | 60W

SODOLA 9 Port 2.5G Smart Web Ethernet Switch,1 10G SFP Slot&8

$100 is insane for that. Consider this:

the poe device iv already got an had for a while along with rest of the network gear , the ups backup’s are the current items to get on which im asking for advice an info on.

Ah sorry I see how the post is organized now.