Advice needed - hyte 40 modding concept

can the shroud on the hyte 40 under the gpu have vents cut across the entire panel with a dremel to better ventilate an to match the perimeter , an is ther clearance under the shroud for a 200mm to 140mm fan adapter

to couture air exhaust out over a larger surface area using a combo of a

140mm to 200mm Computer Fan Adapter Converter Change Mounting - Etsy &

140mm 280mm 420mm AIO Radiator Shroud Computer Fan PC Case Mod - Etsy an

with the correct combined heights with 140mm fan make a effective exhaust duct , especially if i use a sfx psu like the Corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular with more flexible custom cables from

cablemods ?

id like to do something like that in this case

an use the sides an rear as intake an the top an bottom as exhaust with a 320mm aio in the top in the pull config , is this something anyone has modded or tested

as i think the cost of the mods an modding would be worth the invest ?

Are there no other cases (that are available) that fits your needs without modding? Hyte isnt that cheap and if I were to buy something more than 100 USD, it should have everything I want without modding.

I would totally mod things cheaper than 100 USD but permanently modding cases with dremmel seems like a bad use case to me, especially if I were to buy it new. It should be fine for used cases for a rebuild. But for a new purchase, maybe consider choosing a better case that fits your needs more?

no the hyte 40 is what i really want my only dislike is the bottom ventilation layout