Advice neede for stock 22.04 kernel to my 21.04

can i add the stock 22.04 kernel to my 21.04 would doing so be ok an or provide any benefit
an would GWE still work or be knocked out like with xanmode kernel ?

im planning to upgrade from 21.04 to 22.04 what i really need to know is will
my GWE gpu utility still work or would i have to reinstall along with ratbagd & most

all my custom installs like synaptic package manager an flatseal ?

If you plan to upgrade, you need to do so in two steps, 21.04 β†’ 21.10 β†’ 22.04

LTS Ubuntu, at least, has the linux-generic-hwe package that allows you to install newer kernels in Ubuntu. I do not know if this feature exists in 21.04.

Quite honestly, I would repartition so /home/ is on it’s separate partition and then just do a clean install of 22.04, it is probably less hassle than 21.04 β†’ 22.04. To be sure it works, run the live distro first.

I cannot guarantee that all the packages you have will exist in 22.04, but most should stick around. Take note of which ones you need and look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ to see which custom installs you have.

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thanks ill try that

I can confirm the GWE flatpak is working with Ubuntu 22.04 and NVIDIA driver 510.73.05 so would expect Pop!OS to work too.

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thanks for that