Advanced Warfare for PC: Is this normal?

The game starts. I am in a drop pod of some sort and the first thing I noticed was the textures...

Take note I'm playing with a pretty high end PC at 720p while this game is maxed out. This is pathetic. At first I thought it just needed some time to fix itself. No. It was the same.

Is this normal?

Maybe normal for that game engine. It could just be the texture being unable to load properly or loading slowly from its storage. When I used to play call of duty games on console the textures would all look like that for about 15 seconds from the game starting up.

Take note I'm playing with a pretty high end PC at 720p 

That is your problem right there, 720p

Saving up. 4k is expensive

There's a bug where "extra" textures instead load low res textures. You just have to turn off a couple of settings, I don't remember them off hand, just google it.

Forget about 4K dude, if you're not the type of person who can just pull out cash and buy anything whenever then 4K is not for you.  Thing is it's in the early stages.

So if you want a massive monitor get a 34" 3440x1440 21:9 ultra wide.


What GPU do you have?


Well then in that case you can forget about 3440x1440 21:9 let alone 4K.

You will not push either of those monitors.

2560x1080 is your best upgrade for that card.

Lol 4K on a Gtx 770 2g is a waste of money.

1080p isn't

Regualr 1080p is a better idea because he will be able to run games at high/max instead of having the at med/high with the same ppi

Always check the PC Gaming Wiki. They either have the answer to strange game problems or you find the answer and can improve everybody elses life who checks after you.

They do have the fix for this problem here. It is what Morgoth780 was saying.

Same kinda deal with Garrus's face in Mass Effect.  Had to tweak config to get him rendering right.

I somehow completely forgot about that monitor.


All good, that money you've been saving will see more justice going 21:9 with a GTX 970.  The price to performance ratio is much better with those 2 over a 4k purchase.

And too add to that you can use the 770 as a dedicated PhysX PPU through Nvidia Control Panel.

(Nvidia Catalyst just too piss off the neck beards).