Additional TR4 Gen2 boards?

Has anybody heard if there are going to be more TR4 Gen2 boards available from board partners?

I’m kinda surprised by the lack of current boards that are currently out on the market.

Unlikely – the current boards will carry us handily into the Zen 2 era, when we will probably see pcie 4.0 and a new chipset.



But yeah wenn you wanne go with the 250W tdp cpu´s,
there isnt really that much to choose from wenn it comes to boards.
Of course you could run them on the gen1 boards but still…
Not very ideally if you want decent reasonable vrm temps.
The Asus X399 Zenith Extreme can be boaght with an active cooling kit for the vrm.
And that really helps it allot.
But other then that, i could only recommend the Msi MEG creation at this moment for the 250W tdp cpu’s.
A littlebit more choice then those 2 would have been nice.

But of course with the upcomming changes in zen2 “maybe”,
it might make sense that Asrock and Asus dont come with newer boards anymore.
Because yeah new features like pci-e 4.0, and they might also get the power draw of the zen2 cpu’s significantlly lower aswell.

I´m actually pretty currious how the 2990WX overclocked would run on the Msi X399 Gaming pro carbon AC.
Because that board has a 5 phase doubled to 10 phases worth of IR3555´s.
But i´m not sure how well those heatsinks are, and the bios of course.