Adding VST Plug-ins to FooBar

I’m looking for some help adding plug-ins, specifically VST plug-ins, to FooBar 2000.

I have Goodhertz Can Opener Studio and Mid Side which I previously used on a Mac unfortunately with software that is not available on Windows.

After some searching I found a FooBar plug-in that allows you to add VST plug-ins to FooBar with the only downside being it is not compatible with 64-bit VST files - which those two are, no 32-bit versions available.

Just wondering if anyone in the community knows of a solution for this or another media player that offers this - preferably similar to iTunes or FooBar.

Many thanks in advance!

I do not have a solution just to not get your hopes up.

What does adding VSTs to Foobat accomplish for you, just out of curiosity? I have only heard them in reference to making music.

No worries!

I use VST plug-ins to enhance headphone listening with some Goodhertz plug-ins.

They just make listening to headphones a little more like listening to speakers by introducing crossfeed. They wern’t that cheap but they work so well.

Might need to purchase JRiver Media Center as that does have VST support.
[EDIT: JRiver Media Center is absolutely terrible so that will not be purchased!]

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