Adding and removing stuff from SSD

I had a SSD one time long ago, but it ended up having bad sectors on it and I had to get rid of it; never knew what caused the issue. My main question for this thread is: Does adding or removing things from an SSD cause a shorter life span? For example... I play steam games, but not a huge variety of them at a time. If I were to install my games to my SSD for playing them for that month or whatever and then remove them, is this going to hurt me in the long run?

All ssds have a read & write limit it should state it on the box it came from or in the tech description of the ssd. For a ssd to die that fast was just pure bad luck, or a from of malicous code was running on your pc.

Yes it causes a shorter life span, they might last 15 years instead of 16...

SSD wear is continuously over exadurated these days. Your not going to see your SSD die from to many writes unless your constantly writing to the ssd 24 hours a day for a decade.

Also note, HDDs also suffer from wear and tear.

SSD LIfe is a program for windows that will tell you the life status of your SSD