Adding a printer to manjaro, and printer is on a windows 10 pc

I just started using Manjaro xfce and I am wondering is it straight forward to setup a printer when the printer is on a windows ten pc.

I have pfsense as a router can I plug the printer in there, so both pc and linux can use it.
or is it easier to connect to the windows pc over the network and install the printer that way.

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Can't see why it shouldn't be possible in Manjaro. Haven't tried it myself though.

So I'm guessing your router is somewhere inconvenient and your Win10 machine is conveniently placed and that's why this solution is preferred. The only disadvantage is that the Win10 machine will have to be powered on for the Manjaro machine to print.

Make the windows pc share the printer over the network, get cups to pick up a networked printer? Should work in theory.

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E: From doing a quick search it seems it's also possible to connect it to pfsense, though a bit more configuration is necessary. A whole other matter is if people think running a printer on a firewall is recommended or if you should have a server for that sort of stuff.. Just internet people talking I'm referencing. I don't know enough about it to have a qualified opinion.

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Thanks Eden and Zumps for the help and the info.
Cups is already installed. just have to find the path for the printer.

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I am missing something in all of this, to new to me CLI .
Wrote down the info on the wifes windows pc.
We have a Homegroup running when I was using windows.
From what I can find out the printer is on root do not know if root is different then desktop.

If you have any more info that would help I would appreciate it thanks.

the 'root' of a network object in a windows network is just a group of things that are shared by that device. it's not necessarily any directory on your computer; just a list of things you're sharing with whoever is looking at it.

I think the Homegroup might be complicating things a little bit, I've honestly never used it myself for any length of time, but I doubt they're using standard SMB/CIFS sharing that windows is known for in the homegroup. 'Workgroup' name is usually used for Samba/SMB/CIFS shares (different names, basically the same protocol)

-after a brief google, apparently windows10 actually has Samba/SMB turned off by default. ..fking microsoft.

If there is a way to do it through the homegroup, I don't know it. I'd suggest using a normal workgroup sharing from windows, and using SMB to make sure that all devices can access it.
You might need to install samba on your linux box, you might need to turn samba on in win10.

I will try removing homegroup and see if I can add samba/smb

thanks for the help