Added KDE widget and not keyboard and mouse clicks don't work

Alright so after some fighting I got everything up and running with my new computer and started custmizing the DE (KDE Plasma 6.0.4). I added a cpu core utilization widget to the desktop and now the computer stopped accepting some keyboard and mouse inputs. As if no superkey inputs cause any actions, the mouse cursor moves and but the mouse buttons cause no actions within the DE. This is a new one on me, any help? And for those who will ask here are the computer specs:

OS: Arch with KDE Plasma 6 installed
CPU: Threadripper 7970x
Memory 128GB
GPU: Radeon Pro W7700
Mouse: Logitech MX Master
Keyboard: Generic NPET

Hello @TeamTux,

does a forced reboot help?
Are you running an X11, or a Wayland session?

I’ve had similiar issues with my multi monitor setup recently, on Kubuntu 22.04 / KDE Plasma 5.

Wayland and no rebooting doesn’t change the situation. Also this is single monitor setup.

Anything in journalctl?
I have had similar problems when adding applets and in the get new features sub menus of plasma and when I checked the logs there was tons of errors.