Add more 3 USB port on QEMU/KVM

Hello, I have successfully passtrough my 2nd RTX now I want to add my new VR headset (Valve Index) but I can’t add more than 3 USB ports. Thanks for your help.

Might be better served passing an entire controller to the guest. If you have a x1 or m.2 slot open, could use it with a riser cable and add-on usb card.

I think I also stumbled over this problem a while ago.
If I remember correctly I solved it by editing the xml file directly with ‘virsh edit’ and adding Ports manually with new Id/bus

Hi, first time comment here.
I had this problem several months ago. The soluction was quite simple. You should add this in your xml file.

In the section usb controller, you have to change model=ich9-uhci3 by model=xhci port=#want

See the photo below.

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Wow that’s easy! Thanks for the great tip, and welcome to the forums.