Adblock Plus vs AdBlock

Is there any difference between Adblock Plus and AdBlock on Chrome?  I currently use AdBlock because it gives me the ability to hide the icon for it and the other does not.



Why the hell would you want to use adblock in the first place? How about you be a normal person and support the content that you view.

Stop being a dumbass and either answer the question or not post.

Seriously. I use adblock and disabled it for the things I enjoy and support, like Tek Syndicate and twitch. Adblock also helps me stop viruses on porn sites.

Jeez...touchy much? Anyway to really answer your question instead of telling you about the porn i view, take a look at this. Also, am i to assume this is for chrome?

bullshit comparison

used both,no difference in difficulty of installation (press button. it's installed lol), adblock blocks all video, dk why it has 3 less points on that

but shitty adblock+ takes money from advertisers to pass their adds through. it's unacceptable and make the whole thing useless.

use adblock be smart ape

I hate it when people go through the whole "Adblock is killing the internet" routine. What's killing the internet is when I go to download something and it takes me to a page with 17 download buttons, 16 of which are virus's and adware. And when I go to watch a video and I have to watch a 30 second ad every 5 minutes. If I'm on the internet, it's because I'm looking for something, not because I'm a voluntary guinea pig to advertising congolmerates.