Adblock and Adguard block Youtube's "Watch Later" button

Hi guys

I watch a LOOOOOOOT of Youtube, and lately Ive noticed that Adguard as well as Adblock messes up the "Watch Later" button on Youtube videos. (if you hover over a video's thumbnail)
If I disable my adblocker, the button works again.
This only happens in Firefox. It doesnt give this problem in Chrome.

Any ideas?

Try making an exception for it?

But how do I make a exception ONLY for that watch later button? :(

use microblock on logans recommendation

cool. I searched for that name, and found this!
It seems to work for me!

Why are you thanking me? You should be thanking [email protected]

Thank you Lord Logan! I shall praise thee until the end of time!

Hi from Adguard team!

Can't reproduce this in FF with English and Spyware filters enabled.
Could you please tell me which filters do you have enabled in AG?


I didnt have anything enabled.
I just used it with the default settings.
I installed micro block and now it works fine.