Adaptive V-sync Solution?

I was just wondering, I there any available AMD software similar to Nvidia's adaptive V-sync? I have a 7950 and it handles games well, but I'd like to keep at a solid 60 fps if possible.

I don't think there is, but a proper graphics setting wouldn't require adaptive v-sync at all. IME, framerates are fairly consistant, so if you aim for 70 FPS avg, and then enable v-sync, you should get a smooth, tear-free experience, with dips below 60FPS rare, if present at all.

If you're on an Intel CPU with Virtue MVP, they have a feature called "Virtual V-sync" that allows "synced" frame rates above your monitor's refresh rate, which, again, would elimintate the need for adaptive v-sync.

There's a program called RadeonPro that allows something similar to adaptive vsync, along with a host of other stuff not available in the catalyst control center.