Acx 780 or 770's SLI?

Need helping deciding on what to get. Currently have a 670 ftw.

A general answer would be 770 sli is going to be faster by maybe 20-50% but we need more info... what do you do, what games do you play, what kind of monitor do you use? 

Only playing on a 1080p monitor. Might get a 1440p in the future. I mostly play Bf3, skyrim. but I always pick up the new AAA titles. Is a 780 worth it?

AMD currently has some nice options for the money.

I'd consider 2xR9-280x (man, AMD really complicated things!).

But if you insist Nvidia or buying the cards now, I'd go for the dual 770s. A 780 is really nice, but you might as well go for the extra performance.

I don't see much reason to go beyond a single 770 with 1080p. Maybe you should wait and see how the 290 and 290X perform before making any decisions.

Yea, idk if I should wait for the 280x toxic. I hear about many issues that AMD has with their drivers. How fast would a video render with AMD cards compared to Nvidia. Currently I have a 8350 with a 670ftw.

Well, if you insist on going 770 might as well grab a 280x. Check some benchmarks; the 280x beats the 770 5 times out of six.

It depends whether or not the software you are using to render supports OpenCL. If it does, it's almost a guarantee that AMD will be faster (almost 2 fold in some cases).

Nvidia is supported by many more common exes though.

(I forgot to add, the 280x is ~100$ cheaper than the 770!)

edit: AMD is just slow with their drivers. They have a smaller team than Nvidia, so Nvidia will reach optimum drivers faster. Once AMD catches up, their drivers are usually better (arguably).

Yea, I use Sony Vegas. Still tempted on getting a 780. I'm a graphics whore :p

But i will keep AMD as a option. Doesn't hurt to keep more money in my pockets :)

Also how much will Mantle improve performance. I haven't kept up with it but i heard it will replace DX11 and will start using more than 4 cores for gaming. So a 280x is always a good option. 

No one really knows how much Mantle will improve framerates. But it should be a bunch, if devs aren't lazy, hehe.

With that extra money you could get an ssd if you don't have one.

True, I have a kingston hyper x 3k already, won't hurt to get another one. I just hope the 280x and Mantle live up to the hype. Although I have seen some benchmarks and people say it's just a 7970 OC. What is the Toxic edition mean?

Also I heard AMD has bad frame times. Idk what that means but obviously it's not good.


i call bullshit on that comment

watch the podcast and skipp to the secion where they talk about the 280x


dont be commited to Nvidia..their bullshit if you dont need them for cuda

I also think it's a false benchmark. There is almost no way you are going to tell the difference 60 and 120 fps (well maybe...), let alone the difference between one or two frames delayed by a few milliseconds.

So, I only tell people to not go AMD crossfire if they know for a fact they see/feel the frame lags. Even then, is it worth the extra x dollars?

Yea so it looks like I'll be deciding on the 280x toxic then and spending the 300$ on the rest of my PC :)

i hate these stupid gpu wars..but it makes so happy that you were able to see the truth in this pile of mess


glad your getting the toxic as it is my next gpu too ^^ 


really is worth every penny in performance and quality of build. plus it trades blows with the 780

Yea thanks. Will also probably sell my 670ftw for like 200 or 250$

hopefully someone snatches it out you hand soon enough for the release of the toxic


not that you need any more convincing..but what the hell. check this review out. really displays the quality this card offers

I don't need to sell it. I just won't need it unless i want to build a seperate PC in the future, but I'm fine with one.

Also, what a great review. Going to need a better PSU. Want at least Gold 80+. Currently running seasonic 620 mII bronze 80+

awsome deal right now on this 750w gold seasonic. 100 after 20 mail ib rebate. 

if the promo still works righ now..IF that is..another 25 busck off..

worth it at 100 though.