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Active Directory First Login Slow

Hello :slight_smile: - I’m having a little trouble with Windows Server AD.

Whenever I make a new test user and log in for the first time, it’s really slow and sticks on the “We’re getting everything ready” screen ( the setup screen where the background fades to black then blue )

I’ve got the server setup for DNS and I’ve got a reverse lookup thing going on.

The test machine’s default DNS is the server IP also :confused:

The group polacy only has a custom start layout, powershell script as a logon, then some settings items hidden.

Any idea what may be causing the very slow first login?

I’ve looked in the netlogon log file, and it’s blank… weird - thought someone may have a quick fix or suggestion?


The first thought is roaming profile or profile redirection.

But instead of speculating, I’d say to check Event Viewer and if you REALLY want to get deep, use Process Monitor (Microsoft Sysinternals Suite) to do a boot log monitoring and you’ll see literally everything

Depending on how many policies it has to load (and maybe deploy software?), it can take a long while.

How long are we talking? This is a forced behavior. At least where I work, it does not matter if the system has an SSD or spinning rust. It usually takes about a Minute or more on new logons and when a major MS Windows update has been pushed. ItT is quite annoying. Most of the time the HDD light is not even doing anything. It is as if MS has preprogrammed this as a wait timer or initial logon. We do not use roaming profiles. We do have OU trargeted GPOs.

I even have this issue on the One Windows 10 PC that we have at home. No GPOs, just single sign-on administered on an RPi running Samba-AD.

Yeah, I think this is normal for creating a local profile on the system you’re logging into.