Acting Talent Rep?

To Logan:

I know that Logan had mentioned that he's worked with movies and stuff like that.  I was just curious to know if you know a place or a good (legitimate) website to find a good talent representative. And if you know any other way of getting better chances of making it big.  I have an account at Cast It Talent, and check it everyday. 

I haven't really done anything before, so I can't really make a demo reel.

Thank you for you're help.  It means a lot

You're probably going to have to do something before anyone will rep you.  One good way is to take some acting/theater classes.  You get experience and training, plus a lot of them put on their own shows as well, which can give you exposure and lead to other local opportunities.  Community theater, local commercials/advertisements, local independent films etc.  Keep an eye out for casting calls in your area as well.  Build up some credits and experience independently, and you'll be more likely to catch on with a rep or agent somewhere.

Until you have some kind of body of work or training, you have no way of showing you possess any acting talent what so ever.  So build up credits first, then look into getting representation.