ACS and NTP patch with 4.15?

Anyone know if those have been pulled and I don’t need to dick with it, or if I still need to add them in? I already compiled a kernel for 4.15 and just need to make a initial ramdisk and move files.

Would hate to have to wait for a compile again…

NTP was included in 4.14.3, the ACS patch has not and likely won’t ever be included.

Is it obsolete? NTP replace the ACS?

Sorry, I’m behind the times obviously.

The NTP patch addressed bad performance in virtual machines. The ACS patch is a dirty hack to sort out bad IOMMU groups.

Hmm, I’m pretty sure there was kernel module that was talking about mmu editing. I guess I’ll go digging from here.

Is it module? Like if DRM_AMD_DC is a module so is what I’m talking about.