Acer XV272U started flicker

It’s over a year since I bought Acer XV272U. It has started flickering recently and then became unbearable. This gives instant headache thus unusable.

Warranty was one year and is expired.

Generally, are monitors worth of getting fixed out of warranty?

Seems like exactly this

Depends on what broke.

innolux panel it seems

Strangely, it’s fine now… I wonder what’s going on…

other than the flickering issue, I have really enjoyed using this, it’s surprisingly color accurate too, enough so that I have been able to do commercial color work with this

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Oh, I have an Acer VG271U which seems to use the same panel and is also known to have flickering issues. I haven’t seen anybody fixing it on their own, and I’ve also seen that even replacements from Acer may have the same flickering issue.

From what I’ve read lowering the brightness can help minimize the flickering, as does not having a lot of white on the screen.

I’m glad mine is a flicker free unit so far, it’s quite a nice panel.

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Mine started when I was running FS2020 and also the flicker had happened often when waking up the screen but went away shortly.

Strangely it is now completely fine after having it sit away a day.

However thar flickering is awful and created instant headache, impossible to use when in flicker mode.

Good to know about brightness, this does get quite bright so turning down a notch is definitely possible.

It’s really too bad if the issue returns, I don’t see it being cost effective to have it fixed out of warranty.

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