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Acer Nitro 5 [Linux iGPU] + [Windows dGPU] is it possible?


Hi Everyone,
First post, be gentle and let me know if I make any mistakes in posting.

I’m looking at getting the Acer Nitro 5 in May which will have a Raven Ridge iGPU and a mobile RX 560.

Is it possible to blacklist the RX 560 GPU and use the iGPU for Linux and use either Wendell’s Looking Glass project or do PCIe pass-through for the RX 560 dGPU?

I know other laptops have iGPU/dGPU combos. Has anyone else had success passing through Nvidia dGPU on a laptop?
I want to use Linux as my primary OS and pass the dGPU to Windows or whichever OS I wish to though virtualization.
The one hangup I can see is that screen output might be connected directly to the dGPU and won’t allow the iGPU to be used from boot.

Thanks for reading.


Good luck finding that cause it apparently is only available for sale in Germany.