Acer motherboards beep?

For my birthday my freind gave me his acer case and mobo, then i put in my own 2gb of ram, 9600, pentium d, and kingwin 600 watt psu. For some strange reason, it is really hot! My cpu idles and 48c and maxs at 89c, while my gpu idles at 36c and maxes at 80c. and whenever my cpu goes above 70c, it beeps the most annoying beeping ever, its a loud, constant, turret-like beeping. I even screwed on a 120mm fan to the grid by the cpu. Any ideas as to how i can fix this, or what its doing?

If you CPU cooler is stuffed with dust, get that out, because your CPU is getting way to hot as far as I know. Should stay under 65 which is for some already critical. If its not full of dust, get a new 'better' one. Your CPU is overheating and thats the prob I think.

Sounds like PSU is being strained like a mofo

Didn't you already make a thread like this?

Very first thread :)

Yeah, I think I new heatsink, the one I got is the cheap stock Intel one...