Accessing Files on Another Drive


So I recently installed Windows 10 Preview on my SSD. I have all my programs installed on an HDD. When I went to Programs and Features, I used to be able to see and uninstall programs on my HDD, but now, it only shows the programs that I have installed on the SSD. In addition, when I searched for programs on the search bar, it would find programs and files that I had on both my SSD and my HDD, but not anymore. How would I get it so searching from the start bar gives me access to the programs I have installed on my HDD also?


Are you trying to access programs that were installed on a previous OS, or did the programs that you installed to the HDD under Windows 10 disappear?  If you installed them under a previous OS (and did a clean install of Windows 10), you're going to have to reinstall them.

I think I'm just gonna backup all the files to my external hard drive and then format that drive and just use it as a storage drive.