Access Point Roundup

So im looking around for a Wireless Access Point but finding a Good, inexpensive one for what i need seems to be harder then i had initially thought.

Ive commited to making my own pfSense router. The idea is to use that along side a gig network switch, to network my whole house. I Also want Wireless N Around the house, but finding a GOOD Access point is a Bit tricky.

The Goal is to get GOOD Coverage over the whole house, with out spending a Butt Load(actual unit of measurment) Of money!

The router, Switch, and home server will all be in the basement, So simply adding a WIFI Card to the pfSense Router is not going give me sufficient coverage on the second floor.

I know what your thinking! have FUN, And make a SECOND pfSense router for the main floor with wifi! I wouldnt be able to get it small enough to be out of sight, and i dont want a second router, i want a simple access point.

I need to have an access point on the main floor. Can anyone help me with this? in second post, ill link to a few that im looking at. If anyone has any thoughts or recomendations, PLEASE Make/State them!

Ill try to keep this nice and organized, and up to date so that others can use it who are looking for similar help!

The network switch i would like to have is this TP-Link TL-SG1016D 16 Port 10/100/1000

Turns out, that i have overlooked the simplest solution! Im familiar with routers, So why dont i just use a regular dual band N router as an access point! :P and disable the routing! i cant believe that i had not thought of that. Sorry for the useless post! :D

good idea :D now this post isnt actually useless,someone can use this to solve a similar question