Acceleration pls

Why is is impossible to just not have no acceleration at all?

Even if it is just 1x0 in the positive or negative. Also why do some programs change the acceleration rate?  

Just get a mouse with a PTE sensor; if you are going Avago, in the modern mouse market, you're going te encounter acceleration.

My mouse has no acceleration , but any game I play adds either a little negative or positive acceleration, why don't they just take raw input 

Also I haven't done it obviously but can I get some info on overclocking usb ports to increase the polling rate of the mouse? and how much extra hertz you can get usually from usb 1 to 3 ? 

ALSO ALSO will having a higher polling rate kill the mouse quicker? 

If you're concerned about polling rate I'd just go over to Ps2.

Most FPS games have a mouse acceleration option, or a sensitivity option you can lower..

ALSO ALSO. Edit button. lol.