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About to buy my first house


Surprised no one mentioned this: create a regular home inspection schedule. Nothing too fancy, just walk around the property, pop your head into the crawl spaces, walk around on the roof, etc. Take a good look at things, give objects a little nudge or pinch (except electric and gas) if you think there might be an issue with it, take pictures of problem areas to save time when asking for help. Do it at least once a year, sleep easy knowing your home is safe and sturdy.


Post tha stats, age, size, floors, heating, etc?


Its 3 bedrooms 2 full baths. 1000sqft on a 7500sqft lot. 2.5 car garage. Was built in 1946 but renovated a few years ago. Hard wood on the first floor and carpet upstairs. Will give you guys a hint its about 10 miles out from Wendell’s favorite city to rip on.


So I don’t know if your joking or not, but I do want one. Just don’t know if I can justify spending that much on one.


Im not sure how much electric yard tools have advanced in the last few years but nothing beats a basic push mower and old weed eater. a 1 gallon tank on my 1 acre lot lasts 4-5 runs for a cheap lawnmower.

Last I tried electric yard tools they were total shit and completely underpowered. then you have chords. I dont even want to think about battery powered ones.


Does that mean we will be neighbors!?


Jesus, I have never met a gas powered lawn mower that can do this. Granted I haven’t had any mowers with a full gallon tank, but on the other hand I don’t have a full acre either. But I also haven’t met a gas powered lawn mower that will survive from one season to the next. There’s always something that needs to be dicked on them in order to get them working again.

Might be worth a look again. My friend, who used to be a partner in a lawn care service, now uses a corded electric mower. I use a battery powered lawn mower. I wouldn’t trade my electric mower even for my grandparents’ Deere riding mower.

After the mower, I got the full lineup of Ego electric yard tools, save for the leaf blower. Already have a corded Wrox, and it Wrox my socks off. I also picked up an electric wood chipper towards the end of last summer in order to take care of a 4 year backlog of sticks and branches. Fscking wonderful little tool. 4 year backlog gone in about an hour.


The international housing crisis fueled by chinese over investment in real estate in Canada, US, Australia and elsewhere is looming next 5 years. Put down at least 30%-40% to ensure equity!


Honestly I don’t think this is our first time crossing paths on there. Think we talked a few times on the old forums.


Look at getting a Honda or at least a Honda powered mower if you find that the electric is not up to snuff.

I used to used cheap mowers, then went to a Toro powered by a Honda mower. I then had to move and did not want to lug the extra weight since I payed for my move. I eventually upgraded to a Honda mower after looking at that vs an electric mower (Roughly Same Price). I would like an electric as all of my other yard equipment is electric, but I worry about the damn cord too much.


Three years so far on a Troy-Bilt with a Honda motor (as mentioned by @Mastic_Warrior) and all I’ve done of any consequence is kept it clean and replaced the filter each season.

I did take apart the carb as the mower was hunting (when the motor revs up and down continuously) last year (2016) but it was spotless and I didn’t have the same issue this past season, so I figure it was just crappy gas, although I make sure to use ethanol-free gas (E10 is the standard around here).

We actually moved into our house with a reel push mower - you know, the manual kind with the blades in a cylinder - and quickly found out that the grass that grows on our boulevards is egregiously thick. That’s Iowa soil for you.

I still refuse to buy a self-propelled or ride-on mower though, even though we have a double corner lot.


Well welcome to the neighborhood mate!


Dumb advice unless you are home all the time. A dog isn’t like your TV that can subsist on only a couple hours a night of interaction. I feel bad for all those lonely bored dogs that have to waste away every day while their owners are at work, etc.

Do you want vermin? Cuz that’s how you get vermin.

Realistically, if you have to pay PMI, you can’t afford it. And some PMI has terms that prevent you from paying down the principle and ending PMI payments ahead of schedule.

Ok now my advice:
Small, Simple, Cheap. No HOA. 20% down. Low maintenance.
DIY does not justify shoddy results. Don’t half-ass anything. Less is more. Simple is elegant.
Realize your are now adulting on a harder setting. Your gameplay will have to be more conservative and cautious.


A dog provides peace of mind.
Protects the house, Id argue the best deterrent available.
And the wife feels safer when I’m not home.


Depends on the breed. Breeds like Border Collies are not worth it unless you train them because of their intelligence and energy.

Also security systems and dogs are like bike locks. Nothing will truly stop someone determined enough, you just want to be less appealing than your neighbors.


I understand what you’re saying here. But no. Some people shouldn’t have dogs, or sometimes even pets in general. They are living creatures that have their own wants and needs. If you just throw a dog in a big back yard, sure they have room to run around, but they will be depressingly lonely. They absolutely will not protect the house, not because they don’t like you, but because anyone who comes up to the fence has become a potential companion.


Depends on how you train and socialize them. Also depends on the breed.


You’re right there! You’re so close to understanding why “get a dog” is a terrible blanket suggestion.


I’m not suggesting have a kid because you get massive tax breaks.

Maybe I take common sense for granted. If you’re not fit to care for an animal, don’t get an animal. I hate cleaning up poop and sweeping and dusting the house all day. But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

I stand by my suggestion, it may not be apparent to some people how utilitarian a dog can be.