About the Linux category

Welcome to the Linux category.

At about the same amount of posts as the MS-Windows category, Level1 has a pretty active Linux forum community, despite the fact that Level1 is not a Linux-centric outfit.

Join the Linux excitement and check out the posts. We rejoice in your contributions.

Please respect the general rules of the forum, and avoid creating new topics that already exist (e.g. what Linux distro should I use?.. there’s too many of those already, so don’t be lazy and check out the older topics and posts before posting double threads!)

What should go in this category?

First of all, things related to the Linux operating system, in all its many incarnations.

Second of all, open source applications that originated from the Linux world.

Thirdly, applications, open source or not, for the Linux operating system world.

So for instance: games for Linux, despite not being open source, can also be discussed of course.

How to Ask a Question

When getting some help on something in Linux remember to tag your topic with a couple of tags, specifically remember to include the #helpdesk tag.

Include as much information as you can.

What distribution are you running?
What version
Any troubleshooting you’ve done.

If you run Fedora, run fpaste --sysinfo and include that link in your post.

If a solution is found, mark the solution post with the “this reply solve the problem” button on the post options.

Notable and Ongoing Topics

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