Aaeon EMB-QM77 Motherboard does not boot?

I recently acquired the Aaeon EMB-QM77 motherboard, but I can’t seem to get it to POST. The board uses a laptop CPU and takes DDR3L SODIMM memory. I have 4 RAM sticks and 2 CPU’s that fit this socket, but no matter what combination of them I try (including all possible single and dual channel RAM configs), the system still refuses to POST.

When it refuses to POST, it merely beeps 4 times and does not provide any other inidcation of what’s causing the error. The manual listed on the site I linked above merely states that the system will either boot without beeping, or beep 4 times due to an error, nothing else.

Initially I thought it was the board, so I managed to get a replacement one from the ebay seller, but the issue persists.
Anyone know what I should do to fix this?

I’m thinking incompatible CPU
read the part under support

look at the bottom of the page for the list of mobile Ivy bridge CPU’s
if both CPU’s you’ve tried are the ivy bridge 3rd generation CPU’s then I’m wrong and good luck

The CPU’s I’ve tested are the i3-3120M and the i7-3630QM, both of which came from Ivy Bridge laptops with the same socket type (called Socket G2 or rPGA988B).

The RAM was also put into a different laptop and tested with memtest, where all 4 of my sticks were fine after 20 passes each.

this problem happened to me today when i flashed the new bios but i missed the 3 parameters in dos /p /b /n
it was working fine yesterday on core i7-3630qm and i5-2540m with gt 730
the 4 beeps mean that its a system timer failure but in real its the bios cannot detect the ram
i’m waiting for tomorrow to see if some one can remove the bios chip and reflash it
show me your motherboard jumpers and i will tell you whats wrong with it
if all ok then it seems like my prob

contact me if you got any new fix for it : [email protected]

i got the full bios firmware updated if you need it