A8-6600k vs A10-5800k

This will not be used for the graphics power.  This for a mini itx build.  My friend needs like a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition but ther are no good micro atx am3+ boards.  Which is better?  I can't seem to find any real cpu benchmarks on them.

The only real selling point of the APUs is their improved onboard graphics. As a CPU, they kinda suck. Do you have a budget? Might be easier to configure a build for you, or give some advice.

Just give as many details as you can. System use/budget.

AMD don't do many sockets for ITX, I think it is because of the power requirements of the chip. If you really need an ITX build, you should go Intel.

Otherwise, a small mATX build, with a portable case, could be a good compromise?

We could either go with an i3 or this.  People are always recomending the Phenom IIX 4 965 Black processor but if u look at cpu benchmarks the A10-5800k is actually better.  He is going with a HD7790 or 7850 if some how he coughs up the money.




New apu's are pretty darn good especially with low end gaming. As you can see though, their number crunching power is poor in non optimized cpu/gpu apps. I would personally go with a ivy/haswell for matx,itx. Much better range of boards - rog, msi etc.

For a cheap gaming ITX build, the i3 and 7790 would be fine. That's it in a nutshell. The 7790 and i3 will outperform the APUs, and allow for some upgrade paths.

I still think it would be wise to leave a budget here, and state the system use/expectations of the system. I or someone will get back to you with a system. Or let me take a look at the parts you've selected. PSU et cetera. Even if it is just for a second opinion.

Here is what we are thinking.


aiming for about 600 bucls