A10 where does it max out?

So the A10 sure it's an APU but it can overclock and the 6800k is already running fast out of the box. Has anyone seen where it begins to bottle neck? The Tek did a great build with it and good ram but, what if? Would an overclocked A10 6800k preform the same with a gtx 770 as an 6300 with the same card?

Here's the thing; if you're going to run a GPU like a GTX 770 (or any mid-high end discreet GPU), then you don't need an APU. 

Since the 6300 costs less than the A10-6800k and provides more gaming performance right out of the box, I would highly recommend going with the 6300 and don't even consider the A10. Better yet, for the same price as the A10, you can get an FX-8320/8350 which, for gaming, is miles better than the A10 with a high end GPU. 

I'm guessing you already have the A10 and you're wondering what it's truly capable of if you add a high-end GPU? With mantle, I would suggest pairing it with a good mid range card like a 7850/7870 (R9 270/X). You'll get about the same performance as you would with an A10 driving a GTX 770 but for a lot less money.

Honestly my system is running the 8350 with the 7770 card. The question does come out of pure curiousity. In several videos I have seen where some mutithreading is used but not a lot. Thanks Mec-777 for the 7850 and A10 idea though I hadn't seen that combination.