a10 vs 3220

Hi guys, i want to ask which CPU+GPU combo gives the best bang for the buck

1) Amd A10+Asus 6670 DirectCU silent

2) Intel i3 3220+ hd7770

I will be playing on a single 1080p monitor and i will play maybe BF3, minicraft, TF2 etc.

EDIT:not minicraft, minecraft

The i3 with the HD7770 wins, from the benchs i have seen the 5800k xfire with the HD6670 is barely better then just a HD6670 as a discrete gpu.

Here is one review http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/cpu/46157-amd-a10-5800k-dual-graphics-evaluation/?page=3

Here is the review that really showed how superior the HD7770 is to a 5800k+HD6670 Xfire http://www.pureoverclock.com/Review-detail/amd-trinity-a10-5800k-review/14/

THe Intel wins hands down purely because of the HD7770 not to mention that benchmarks between the 5800k and 3220 show the intel having better single thread performance, even with the 5800k OC to 4.4 http://images.anandtech.com/graphs/graph6347/50408.png

OFcourse the 5800k wins in multithread, slap a HD7770 on that 5800k and its a even gaming rig to the i3.

http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536 Here is a bench of how the 7770 does in battlefield and a few other games, its a proper budget/starter card.

ok, thanks. I will get the i3 with 7770 then.

Just to make it clear iceballfunela, the graphics card is what is making the difference between your systems. If you want a AMD cpu then its just as fine as the i3, its fast and with a 7770 it will do very well. Have you explored other processor options? the FX4300 or maybe a 965?

You should get an AMD piledriver CPU or the 965 andd the 7770 instead of i3.

cant find the piledriver cpu and the 965 anywhere at where i stay. :(

Can you find any Phenom II x4's? Any FX based processors?

Everybody sais that amd apus are low cpus... That is not true! sorry intel fans, but amd apus are way more better then you think... (MSI GX60 owner)

only bulldozer for some reason, phenom II x2, x3,x4,x6 but a little bit on the expensive side.

You can just purchase the 5800k and when your fund allow you to, you can add a solid graphics card. The 5800k should be playable on low settings in BF3 @720p, here is a quick video for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuzFaEQVSf8 . Please get atleast 1866 ram, those APU's love fast ram.

so the 5800k is like a temporary cpu+gpu while waiting for funds to get a new graphics card?

Yes! considering your other options, it may be the best one. You would have to play low resolution for a while, but in the future you can add a 7770 or even better graphics card to get your gaming fix.

ok then, i will just continue to play my older games first and get brand new games when i get new video card, maybe i will get a 8000 series AMD graphics card.

I want to ask if the OEM version comes with the heatsink or i have to buy my own heatsink

The box version comes with a heatsink and fan, link me the site you are looking at and we can make sure if it is.


under package type it says OEM

I do not think it comes with a heatsink, i followed the manafucaturer number and its just the cpu it seems. OEM usually means you only get the CPU with nothing else, no heatsink. They do not have a Box version of it?

no. We are not as lucky as america or uk or somewhere else, but i guess it is better as i plan to overclock.