A tool for catching "insensitive, or inconsiderate writing"

I'll just leave this here...

"Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender
favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other
unequal phrasing.

For example, when We’ve confirmed his identity is given to alex,
it will warn you and suggest using their instead of his."

A tool for being politically correct?

Apparently, someone put a paragraph from Macbeth in it, Waiting on Huck Finn

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Jesus this IS a tool for being PC
put it up against a dictionary

I'm just wondering how much time someone put into it


I'm cringing so hard my cringes are cringing.
Sisters may be offensive? How does that one even work? Sorry for identifying the sex of my siblings?


I hope it's satire, but knowing this world probably not.


This is code from it, but like, is "alligator bait" really a thing? I'm not from the south.

" "id": 337,
"type": "simple",
"categories": [
"considerate": {
"african american": "a",
"south american": "a",
"Caribbean person": "a",
"african": "a",
"person of color": "a",
"black person": "a"
"inconsiderate": {
"abid": "a",
"abeed": "a",
"alligator bait": "a",
"gator bait": "a",
"bluegum": "a",
"bootlip": "a",
"bounty bar": "a",
"brownie": "a",
"buffy": "a",
"burrhead": "a",
"burr head": "a",
"coon": "a",
"darky": "a",
"darkey": "a",
"darkie": "a",
"gable": "a",
"eight ball": "a",
"groid": "a",
"jigaboo": "a",
"jiggabo": "a",
"jigarooni": "a",
"jijjiboo": "a",
"zigabo": "a",
"jig": "a",
"jigg": "a",
"jigga": "a",
"jigger": "a",
"jungle bunny": "a",
"macaca": "a",
"maumau": "a",
"mau mau": "a",
"mooncricket": "a",
"moon cricket": "a",
"pickaninny": "a",
"porch monkey": "a",
"sambo": "a",
"spade": "a",
"spearchuckers": "a",
"sooty": "a",
"schvartse": "a",
"schwartze": "a",
"thicklip": "a",
"tar baby": "a","

a tool to tell me to not call ppl niggers fuck that
If I want to call someone a nigger I will


i couldn't think of anything worse than this. woot for censorship of freedom of speech....

I'm sure the folks in Detroit would highly appreciate that.

That's offensive, stereotyping people in Detroit as African American. Gosh, how dare you.

I go by facts

Black or African American alone, percent, 2010 (a) Detroit 82.7% Michigan 14.2%

although maybe I missed something, the things in a section of the list don't add up to 100%, although it's the same thing reported on wikipedia too

I'm aware of the statistics and am not actually offended lol.