A thanks to TEK Syndicate for help with my build

  I just want to thank everyone on the forum, as well as Logan, and Wendell for just making this thing happen.
I don't really post much but I basically use this place as my go to resource for information on basically everything tech related. I want to thank every member of this forum for posting questions and answers, and Wendell and Logan
for making videos that help you decide whether or not you need this specific part, instead of saying this is what I use and being done with it. You, the guy/gal reading this post, you help make this place a great resource to people young and (moderately)old (joke) trying to build a computer or even just discuss an issue. Thank you for being awesome. Thank you for contributing!

Also here's my third build, built thanks to TEK SYNDICATE!
(Ill upload better photos later (probably with less of a mess )

Good to hear of your successes.  Fix those pictures(or just give us imgur links)!