A thank you to @Peanut253

Continuing the discussion from How To Create A NAS Using ZFS and Proxmox (with pictures):

I made an account to make a shout out to @Peanut253, the documentation for his Greenfield build of ProxMox shown above is some of the best I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot of doco over the years from the 12~ years I’ve been in IT, starting in IT Helpdesk, going into System Administration, later as a Juniper Network Engineer and now as a DevOps engineer for a SaaS company. Still, your documentation stands out above most if not all.

You go into the perfect amount of detail for explaining the how and the why for almost every step. I have a few graduates working under me now and when ever I’ve needed to go into detail about why and what you would use ZFS for and explaining how starting a homelab is the perfect way to reduce your disposable income. Your doco above is where I start (on another note, why haven’t Universities explained what ZFS is!?).

So yeah, huge thanks @Peanut253, I’d give you a job without skipping a beat.


6 days

You are welcome.