A suggestion for the store

The colors for the shirts have me slightly confused. I recommend putting a color sample link near the area where the color is selected or having the color selection snap to the image with the selected color on it.

I have no idea what color heavy metal is.

Anyone care?

they are busy busy people but they may see your idea and  ... maybe  ??

I hope they do, I want to know what shirt color to order.

Black = Black

Heavy Metal = Dark Grey

Granite = Lighter Grey

Dark Chocolate = Brown

Indigo = Muted blue

Plum = Muted purple

Military Green = Olive green

What wiemerimer exactly. 

After working in a store that sells clothes (among many other things) for six years now, I'm good at figuring out what color is what (figuring out the difference between "Rust" and "Wine" was pretty interesting this past Spring).


  • Face palm, neckbeard chia pet?  I know how Logan loves his likeness being displayed on a t-shirt. How 'bout pottery? All seriousness aside 500 at $30 a pop with a conservative $12 overhead, and you are on your way to funding a documentary. All I ask is a signed version for intellectual rights( I think I spelled that right.??)
  • "Just because you could take my cookies, doesn't mean you should NSA." With a pissed off cookie monster. Sesame Street may take offense but hell, Jim Henson is dead anyway..rip. Blame it on China.

I am not a graphic artist in no way shape of form, but these would be pretty funny. I can see them in my mind.

Tek hoodies without the zippers please??

was wondering the same thing, now i know which shirt to get, thank you fellow tekies