A second opinion?

  I am specing a gaming and editing system for a friend who does not really know a huge amount about PC component but still knows roughly what he wants.

He has a budget of £2000-£2500 (GBP)

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/16I54   This is a link to a PCpartpicker page where I have just lsited all thecomponents I was currently thinking of. Any advise on specific compoents or advise on changing anything would be really helpful.

Thanks Edward















The question here is if your friend needs to render stuff with cuda. Because if he doesn't, he will never need a Titan. Get a 780 instead, it will do good in rendering, and excellent in gaming, without needing you to sacrifice your firstborn son. Also, you might want to get a gold certified powersupply with 750W and good features. It'll be payed with the money shaved off from the graphics card. The rest should be fine. You might want to consider to get an H100i instead of that air cooler tough. It doesn't cost much more, and it'll give you power to overclock. Throw some extra fans in there, and consider to get some 1866 or higher ram, and it will be the perfect pc for 2200pound.

I'll design a partpicker list for you after I have completed my dota match (in 50 min).


I'm back! Turns out I played 4 Dota matches, but anyways. Here is your custom stuff: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/16KQG

But I suggest saving a bit of money, so I picked some cheaper parts, that are better value here: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/16KZo

Both are relatively good, of course, only if your friend doesn't need that insane CUDA performance from his GPU.

Have fun!



Thanks for all the advise and i agree with it all, but he is very determined to get a titan, I have suggested that he should get a cheaper card and told him he does not need a card as gooda s the titan but I think he is just determined just so he can show off really, I at fist sugressted a water cooler for his CPU as well but he does not want water cooled, even closed circuit. Thanks for the suggestion for the powersupply, do you know if there are any good single rails PSU at this sort of wattidge? The fans he already has/is going to buy seperatly and yes i do agree with getting faster RAM I see your point there.

So thanks for all the advise