A rack mount case recommendation

Hello, I was looking for a rack mount case like the Rosewill RSV4500U with 8 fans.
That case is great, but there’s nowhere to find it with international shipping.

What I need from the case:
HDD slots, at least 5.
Front intake fans, preferably 3 120 mm fans.
A place inside for a 360 AIO.
Mountable in a rack (I’ve yet to buy the rack, but the plan is 12U rack)

The use case:
TrueNAS server with handbrake and VMs and other services.

Hardware inside:
AMD 5800X with Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard.

Looking forward to your suggestions, and I thank you in advance.

So this kind of case is a bit of a Unicorn. I gave up looking and have been hand building my own version. BUT here are a few that I have looked at which might be close to your needs


I would recommend this case. I have one and the build quality is very high.

If you want a more budget option I also have and would recommend chenbro server racks which are decent build quality.

I have this one spare. If your in Ireland by chance I’m going to be in Dublin Wednesday night and can give you one for free if you would want it, or if you are somewhere between Dublin and hamburg, if you can wait I’m driving from Dublin to hamburg early in the new year and I could give it to you?

Plinkusa.com was my go to for chassis
Products | Sliger will probably be my new spot

CX4712 | Sliger Is what you want but not sure when they are bringing it back.

Pretty sure they said to email them if you want a CX4712, it’s just been popular they said.

I did awhile ago and (few months) and they said they didnt have any, Saw the reddit post sent an email havent heard back yet.

I actually was on the list for one of those Sligers and they had to redesign the HDD cage so I ended up changing my order because they had to go back to the drawing board on that case design. I think they rushed it to market and overlooked something.

that CX4712 is a great looking option! It almost makes me regret all the effort I am putting into building my current case.

But I want that case sans disk shelf and in 3u with Redundant power.

First off, thanks again for all the suggestions, they’re great!

We have Chenbro here, and I even built in one in the past, they’re fine but stuck somewhere in the 80s design wise.

Saw the same Reddit post, and was wondering if I should email them.

In that Reddit post, they mentioned they will have a 3U version of the case without the disc trays.

It definitely looks like a solid option, assuming that’s also the price it will end up costing.

It’s down to the alphacool one, HPC-7485 and CX4712 right now. I’ll have to do a deeper comparison, then I’ll have to find the rack for it. Right now in my region it looks like I’ll have to have it custom-made and cost about $480 for a 12U.

Then it’s eaton UPS, and my server station is done.

I’m not sure if you seen the alphacool one I linked as I didn’t link it correctly. I have fixed the link if you check my post above. This is the one I got for myself. It has ample space for fans/drives and was built from the ground up for watercooling.

It worked for me before you fixed it. Thanks for the link!

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Heads up on Sliger’s status, they’re having to physically relocate in the US, so direct purchases from them will shortly pause for a couple months. From comments, it sounds like CX4712s are available on request at the moment, but they also intend to keep supplying the EU reseller during the pause which might be more relevant to you.

Thanks for that, it looks like that case is the only one that will work for me out of the three, so I better contact them soon.