A questoin about having a social personality and whatnot

Hey Logan. I've always had this issue about being antisocial and an introvert. I am very ambitious about the idea of making YouTube videos, but I lack a social personality. You seem to know how to flow your words very well, so I want to ask this. Do you have any advice on what I can do to improve my social personality?

Practice by talking to people. Look them in the eye. Don't worry about what they will think of you. General points, but it's hard to tailor specific to you without knowing you as a person or your background.

Nothing wrong with being an introvert



As far as eye contact goes, I generally stare at the bridge of people's noses and it gives the impression of confidence when talking to others, generally in  response to that it kind of breaks their confidence and lets you take control of the conversation. As an introvert myself, I found it hard to talk to others but taking a couple of classes back in high school that basically forced me to present, I soon became custom to talking to others one  too one or in groups.