A Question about SSDs

For example you have a windows 7 in you SSD installed already and you want to do a clean install again for some self reasons. Can you do that without again and just reformat the SSD during the OS installation? and Does it affect the SSD because its the 2nd time installing windows 7 like will it slow the SSD or lose space? 

Just wondering because I am new to SSDs. Thank You! 

Nope. should be faster after a reformat and clean install since you'd be deleting the junk and freeing up space.

So nothing breaks down inside the SSD? Like no gates dies or whatsoever ?

It adds some wear-n-tear as SSD's are write limited, but thave a bunch of technologies in place to ensure they last a very long time, particularly SandForce SSDs since they compress data on-the-fly before writing and have over-provisioning as well as wear-leveling. I think it was Intel who made the claim, but I think you'd have to write something like 20GB of data to an SSD every single day for 5 years before you'd start to see them fail (unable to write new data).

Jerm is correct, the limitation is pretty much a non-limitation.

You should be fine as long as you don't make a habit of it. I've probably done a clean install of Windows 7 at least three times on my ssd, and I haven't seen any degradation. 

Ok thank you for all your answers. Because I don't want to lessen the lifespan of my SSD or reduce its performance once I format it with the win 8 installer.

One additional tip is never to use complete format. With this I mean the kind of format that zeros out a disk. Quick formats, to my knowledge, just clear the table (the name of which I cannot recall at the moment) that tells the OS where a certain files/directories are. The OS will then think that there is nothing there and simply overwrite the cells with new data when needed.