A (Probably Not) Small Inquiry Regarding Real Estate Sites

I’ve noticed a trend lately regarding something a few people on the Discord and myself.

We’re all interested in being aware of currenting offerings in real estate for one reason or another, but we’re for various reasons wanting certain features that aren’t offered by Zillow and their competition:

  • A filter for in or out of city limits of actual cities (census-designated places are annoying in terms of having to go figure out, is that a township?)
  • A filter for certain local laws
  • A filter on loan types (I’ve noticed some properties don’t qualify for traditional mortgages)
  • So forth on similar features (maybe local crime rate filters?)

I’m wondering if anyone’d be interested in setting up a tool to help those of us looking to buy in or upgrade but want more information from a simple search. Most of this stuff should be available on public websites already so it’d be mostly a matter of what sites allow scraping to my limited knowledge in the area.

You want to subscribe to an MLS feed. It is what real estate sites like Zillow pull from.