A mouse for sweaty palms? (No Zephyr recos please)

I recently purchased a Logitech M500s mouse and for some reason every 20 minutes or so I find that my palms are getting really sweaty with it. I am not sure if it’s caused by the mouse surface or something else but to be honest I don’t remember my palms being as sweaty ever before. I would say that my palms are slightly sweaty on average - for example if I hold my hands in my pockets for a while I will get sweaty palms, but nothing dramatic. I think this has something to do with the mouse because my palms don’t usually get sweaty when doing other things. IMO one of the reasons is that the mouse is somewhat large so when I palm grip it it fills a lot of the space between the palm and the mouse surface and there’s no space left for ventilation left so maybe I just need a smaller mouse. Any ideas?

P.S. Please don’t recommend Zephyr. It looks like it was taken out of a Power Rangers movie and from the reviews I read about it, the cooling part doesn’t actually work that well.

Have you considered “learning” to use your mouse in a claw-grip instead of the traditional palm-grip?


There are too many considerations to just straight up recommend a mouse. That said all the top mices are similar enough that you should focus grip and feel.

Steelseries makes great light mouses with holes that help both the weight and your arm to breathe.

I can recommend this guy:

And he does review and compiles them into the website for you to find mice easier.

What about the Glorious Model O? Its perforated surface should be sufficient to aerate your hands and not be sweaty?

Or this one?

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Yeah I would more suggest a different holding style. I get sweaty palms with controllers and such but my mouse (Logitech MX Master 2S) is fine because my palm is back away from it a little. I hold and move it with my fingers and wrint when I need more movement.

Or … Just go stubby with something like this.


There’s also “vertical” mice, which I use exclusively because otherwise I get tendon irritation and eventually pain with a normal mouse.

Can’t really recommend any, because ergonomic anything is going to be a very personal preference, though I go with an affordable anker or Chinese spam brand to see if you like the idea of them.

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The claw grip feels a bit painful to me, I can feel tension at the base of my thumb. I could try the fingertip though.

I don’t like the happy meal aesthetic.

I could try the wired version of this one if it was possible to either turn off the light show or to just have it in a simple dimmed red.

I’ve thought about going vertical. I will try some cheap ones and see if I like it I guess.

Yes the light goes off when you hold it and is FW controlled. Mice has onboard controller cso you dont need to have drivers all the time.

I have a Corsair Harpoon, seems to be decent shape that one automatically flows into the “fingertip” position. I recently bought a cheap mouse pad with a built in 1" gel wrist pad. The wrist pad is just enough to take pressure off my wrist and still feel comfortable doing everything from gaming to browsing. I noticed it does keep the palm slightly off the back of the mouse too, since reading this. I didn’t have the sweaty palm deal though to compare issues. So perhaps just try a mouse pad with the gel rest:
Cozy Wrist Rest Support Mouse Mat Game Mice Pad for PC Laptop Computer Hot 713717967947 | eBay

That’s the size “bump” you’ll probably want. There’s lower ones but my mom got shipped the wrong pad and the .5" “memory foam” feels like a soft rag and offers no support. She loves it. 1" is much better, gel is cloth covered so it’s very comfy. The back is gel so it hold onto the desk extremely well. No I don’t get any kickback for advertising, lol. There’s a lot of sellers with the same item, just grabbed that link.

What if you made your own?

I enjoy the idea of making things so I might design one. Good suggestion, thanks.

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