A mid tower for a dual cpu build

Interesting case.
I have a dual Xeon myself and used the Phanteks Enthoo Pro.
It's pretty decent, but I don't like the drives on the back side.
However I think it looks better than the Rosewill case.


Enthoo Pro is great case for any setup. It's full tower though. If you are tight for space may not be the best choice...

Corsair Carbide 400Q works (with a little ghetto rigging).


Sorry for the late reply, and great to see the pics posted.

The ghetto rig looks nice! Dont get to see a Eatx mb in a mid tower. Did u have to mod the box a little? I plan on getting the Asus Z10PE-D8 WS and its a ssi eeb size (12in x 13in). i know it can fit into a mid tower (your rig being proof) but what about the holes. Will the MB be compatible with the base mounting points of the case? or is it something that I need to mod. With your rig, can u add a self contained water cooling...say 2 X H80 CORSAIR on top without hitting the Mb since it is a tight rig? what MB are u using?

For a long time I've wanted to have a dual CPU computer. To me it would only really be a novelty though. Even basing it off of older hardware like socket 771 chips could get "expensive", considering I don't really have any use for a computer like that. Along with making room in a case for the board... always thought they were cool though including the ones shown here

The case is basically untouched, I just had to ziptie two corners and use some motherboard standoffs upside down to get it in. But be careful, we are talking different boards here.

I would not try to fit AIOs in there and honestly I don't see the point of that. My CPUs don't hit 70C and I can sleep next to the thing.

The Asus WS boards are great as far as I can tell. I have the Z9PE-D8 WS in my main rig, also running 2670s.

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cool. nice rig. I am trying to fit a asus Z10PE-D8 WS - workstatin board in a small case. I mean worse comes to worse ill have a get a full tower, but if i can get it in a mid tower without hassle that would be great. so far the mid towers that has potential is the rosewell evo armor. if there are any out there pls do let me know.

Ive been looking at Nanoxia and they seem great. Your other rig with the deep silence 5 , which is a big tower, looks nice. the Nanoxia cool force 2 has an XL atx compatibility ( has it on the website ). Do u think I can get a asus Z10PE-D8 WS SSI EEB in it?

I don't think the cool force 2 works and judging from pictures I am fairly sure the Rosewill is even smaller.

the rosewell armor evo says e-atx and ssi eeb compatible ( hard to believe but its there). with the cool force im talking about doing a guerrilla rig...something like yours.

with the getto guerrilla (whatever u want to call it) rig you are pretty much fitting a MB that is not ment to be in there. Do u have modding options you can go with. i mean the ziptie and standoffs are good options, but is there anything else. im hoping a few base screws line up but for those that dont line up what options are there. Can drilling holes in the case be done?

i would love to have all these cases and test out what fits, but, at this point, its only looking at images on your screen.

Huh. I might have looked at bad pictures. I guess it will work then.

What you can do is overlay images of the cases you like with a shot of the Asus motherboard. You should be able to see which holes for standoffs align and where you have to cheat it a bit. That helped me a lot.

After that it is just solving one problem at a time.

over laying images sounds great. ive started to do some photoshop and looks like you get a decent idea. The front, where the board extends towards the front of the case dosent line up...which is expected. The zip ties can come in handy like yours.

Most of the MB holes seem to line up, and for those in the center than dont, is it necessary to have them screwed or is the MB stable enough that is dosent need the center screws ( if a scenario like this does come up with other cases)?

Since there is that extension up front (with an Eatx MB), with the Corsair Carbide 400Q, is there space for 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler in the front or top?

Why do you want to go liquid on these chips?

pardon my ignorance, but this is the first time im going with xeons. A lot of rigs ive scene do not use liquid cooling on these. will it hurt ? is it something redundant because of its lower power consumption? i wanted it so it may reduce further sound when overclocking or turbo.

Xeons are locked. There is no overclocking. That is why it doesn't make sense to liquid cool them.
My 2670s are whisper quiet even on full load and won't hit 70C.

Save some money, dodge some compatibility bullets and never worry about fluid running through your PC.
Go with air. ;)

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This... I can't stand AIOs... especially the lower end ones as air towers provide the same/better performance for the same/lower price and NEVER wear out (unless of course you grind down the heatpipes to fit a case lol). As far as acoustics are concerned... you get silent performance with either (well... the pump hums so that could be an issue depending on factors...)

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not really.
Air coolers have only the fan to worry about. AIOs have the fan AND the pump, so the air is ALWAYS quieter.
And then there is the pump failure risk and the leak risk, etc...

Oh god, the 120-140mm are awful. They are both expensive AND crap in cooling.
Yeah... Air. Unless custom looping is a thing - air.

About the xeons:

There are Intel Xeon E5 2650 V3 ES QEYN 2.2GHz 10Core 105W 25M 20T LGA2011-3 Processor CPU
that are online which come to 150$ per cpu. I am ordering for the first time. I is it safe?

I know engineering samples are something you cant trust. I am assuming the engineering samples are also aimed at consumers and are specific to their uses. They can have problems like no boost clock, lower clock speed, disabled cores, incompatibilities. This is what ive been told unless there is something else that says otherwise.

Any thoughts on the Xeon E5 2650 V3 ES QEYN 2.2GHz 10Core 105W 25M 20T LGA2011-3 ??

can this site be trusted : www.serversupply.com


You have to ask around, I'v seen lists for the ES steppings, google Xeon 2650 QEYN, the stepping is a important part. Some of the ES have headaches, they might not work in your motherboard for example.

There is one such list here:

But I don't think it has been updated in a while. The stepping can be found on the Haswell tab, not much info though. Looks like they have no turbo? 105 Watt TDP.

my rig is going to have a Asus Z10PE-D8 WS. i am deciding on the xeons so i can go ahead and order.

I am def not looking at ES. I am new to this so still researching on xeons and the best bang for the buck. its just that there are so many variations on core count and GHz its hard to decide.

there is the E5 2670, 2680, 2690. They seem to have a decent price on them on ebay.

you also have sandy bridge, skylake, haswell, etc. its really coming to a conclusion with all this.