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A little teaser of what is to come :)


I wonder if it is worth pursuing on a legal basis, after all. The similarity to the Microsoft case referenced isn’t as close as I’d like it to be, but I can see a world where it’s ruled analogous dominant.

Too bad they never set a precedent.


Quick question, would I be able to plug my graphics card with HDMI 1.4 into my 144hz monitor (Which only supports up to 60hz with HDMI) and make a custom EDID after I booted it up to “overclock it” and show the 144hz output only on Looking Glass? (The latter on the same 144hz display connected via DVI-D on the integrated chip)


probably not. however for most things it likely won’t matter. since looking glass is copying the framebuffer the refresh rate of the guest monitor won’t matter so long as the application you want to passthrough doesn’t use a framerate target… I think…


I have put together the beginnings of a website for Looking Glass. It’s basic for now but contains guides on how to get up and running for Debian, Ubuntu and Fedroa. Arch is there but incomplete for the moment.



Do you guys need a 144hz tester? I don’t have second 144hz screen to validate though.


Not at this time sorry, but thanks for the offer.


Setting up ivshmem as per the guide. ivshmem-test.exe is hanging on “Check events work”, any ideas?


The guide never tells you to run ivshmem-test, that is for testing the driver during development.


My mistake then I guess… By the way there are a couple of “then/than” grammar issues in the guide.


Quite likely, my english skills are terrible :wink:


I’ll read through everything more carefully and make some fixes.


Thanks mate, appreciate it :slight_smile:


@gnif I’m not sure if this was said already; could LG be used to also run Adobe products seamlessly? Or is that out of the project scope?


as long as its within the integrated looking glass window and you have hardware acceleration then no reason it shouldnt


It’s something I’ve done a (little) bit of testing on.

It works, not really much more to say.




I see that there is now a guide. I now know what mini project I’ll be tackling in my downtime from work over the Christmas Holidays.

Thanks so much for getting that out there for us. If I find any issues / bugs, I’ll check and report as needed.


If it’s an executable you have to run, I’m hoping you can carry over some anti-cheat compatibility hooks from the OBS project. That code should be publicly available on Github.


Does looking glass come out tomorrow (14th in Australia) or the day after (14th in Americia)?


Sorry, forgot to mention this. We will work to the American TZ on this.