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A L1T news prediction, sort of


“Every McDonalds screen test positive for human feces in the UK” I don’t know it’ll this be of interest for the next news @wendell, but Jesus Christ where do we go from here with these terminals? Is social custom going to be established akin to how payphones were treated back in the 80s and 90s regarding cleanliness? Found this to be a sign of the times.


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Sadly, everything tests positive for human feces so this is a bit of a nonstory so it is sensationalist.


That being said higher rates though, potentially. What about testing for traces of pseudoephedrine? Also wondering if there’s anything more official in distributing article links for the news? Y’all generally have quite a long one tab page, would you mind community sourcing?


You don’t want to know what the tables would test positive for…


Yea, unfortunately, there are a lot of people that still don’t wash their hands after using a bathroom.

There are other reasons for feces being on everything too, of course, and technically direct contact isn’t necessary as there is airborne fecal matter that spreads around everywhere.


Constantly breathing in, bathing in, and drinking rivers of scheisse is good for you. Keeps the immune system active. You remember all those times you skinned your knee and picked at it for weeks until it oozed green pus as a kid? That’s why you don’t have asthma.


I feel like infected knee wounds and asthma are very different things.


I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.


:thinking: hmmm …

Maybe it would be a good idea to have some automatic cleaning mechanism for publicly accessible touch screens. … like an “endless” plastic film on top of the display that moves around every couple of minutes and cleans it inside the casing.


I was being flippant, but there’s a hypothesis that some common diseases like asthma and type 1 diabetes are caused by autoimmune reactions, by the body attacking itself, because the immune system isn’t kept busy protecting the body in the hyper-clean environments we see in the west.


In the states we have this product called Phone Soap.

Don’t know if you euros have it. It’s this non-portable shell that encases your phone and cleans it and charges it at the same time.

Of course by clean, I mean it just disinfectants the phone and doesn’t actually put soap to it or anything.


I’ve never seen something like that, no. Seems like it’s just an UV lamp with casing. :thinking:

I was thinking about a transparent film that travels over the display into the casing, gets cleaned and comes out again in an endless loop. You could run it in intervals every couple of minutes or detect when there is no human in the process of tapping the display.


i can imagine the ridiculous price they would have to pay for the special equipment!
coming up with a disinfectant that wont damage touch screens would be a better solution
but then your faced with the problem of people actually performing the cleaning procedures!


The capacitive touch screens can and are glass. So that’s not a problem.

Here I go giving away ideas but. A film role over the touch screen could wind over a sheet at a time at set intervals like 50 humans uses. Disposable and self cleaning.

Think like a phone protector on a roll. I use to work at 3M and they make capacitive touch screens that are anti-bacterial and films. They could so do it.


you might want to submit that idea for patent



weird but i gotta say its the funniest move ive seen in many years