A How to guide for Ultrawide gaming

Hey guys!

I made a video as a general how to guide for ultrawide gaming. Basically it's intended for those new to ultrawide gaming and/or curious about getting an utlrawide and want to see the process of fixing games that don't support 21:9 natively.

It's only my second video so any constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Cheers :)

@JokerProductions from the master to the young padiwan, any advice you could offer a youtube newb?

Make a new video every day for a month, then don't stop.


I will try my very best. Thanks man!

Having an ultrawide is both a blessing and a curse for gaming especially for older games which don't play very well at all. The thing I hate the most is cut senses and pre-rendered video in 16:9 which breaks the immersion and because it is pre-rendered you can't really fix that.

Unfortunately yeah this is something that I still haven't found a fix for and don't think there will be one. I've gotten used to it over the past year but it still doesn't help me looking at the black bars every time a cutscene comes up and a little whisper in my ear you paid 1000 dollars for this. Doesn't ruin the experience for me but it is a drawback for sure.

Should have probably mentioned this in the video! :/

I'm going to get around this by just playing games that are just a static 16:9 ratio on my tv with steamlink (when it arrives).

Still don't regret going ultrawide though, despite the necessary tweaking I still think it's better than a bog standard 27" display for gaming. I've spoken with a local retailer and they're hopefully going to lend me a swift so I can do a 27" gsync vs ultrawide comparison. I know it's a bit like apples an oranges but when i was thinking about ultrawide the other main contender was the Swift panel and judging from what i've seen in various forums a lot of other people made that kind of call as well.

The only 16:9 option I have is my old Samsung 1080p monitor which isn't great for gaming because the colours are way worse than my 21:9 monitor and I mostly only use it for my PS4 in those rare cases that I want to play a PS4 game, that and obviously when I play old PC games that don't like 21:9.