A History of Hard Disk Drives

I recently discovered the Science Studio channel.
I watch a lot of TechTube and he has a unique spin (see what I did there?) on the subject.
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Hard drives used to be insanely expensive. In 1984 I had to bring my work IBM PC in to have a 5MB hard drive installed and it was over $2000. My first HDD was a 20MB SCSI that I installed in an IBM PC case with a 2nd floppy and bigger PSU for my Amiga. It cost me $800 and I argued with the salesman for an hour because he was sure it would never work. In the end I had to say "Shut up and take my money."


Damn he handsome... UMM UHH I MEANT THE HARD DRIVES!

When I think about IBM loosing out by not keeping their own OS and Hardware to let Intel and Microsoft in.

I think how old and clunky their stuff was in 1983 they shipped PCs with 5 1/4 inch hard drives (thats two cd rom drive form factors) and the same size floppy, at the same time was the 3.5 inch Sony floppy drive and the 3.5 inch Rodime drive was available.

You could get in the ACT Apricot pc smaller hard drive might have been 3.5 inch not sure and the sony floppy.

The ACT had 3.5 floppy before Apple as well.

Didn't IBM invent both the HDD and the SSD?

IBM did invent fixed platter hard drives as in the video I think is correct at least they commercialized it first.

by the 1980s they getting further behind others. Control Data (gone now) had a big disk drive division.

We are not far out of the stone age of computing hardware and the changes are incredible 50 years ago was pre historic to most people using hardware.

I'm not sure about SSD but flash memory I think was toshiba its on the Computer History Museum Chanel on Youtube

the name I think came from a small flash of light that came out of the silicon as it was programmed !

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