A good cpu setup for streaming?

Ok so my gf is starting to stream and her cpu is crap for it (amd 760k) so I have decided to upgrade her pc.


those are the cpus i'm intersted in and she has a micro atx case so this is the motherboard


I'm using a budget around $400 give or take. so If I get the 4790k I wont end up having enough for a cpu cooler worth getting for it so I'll end up with stock cooler and probably undervolting a little to control the temps.

as for the 4790s I would also use stock cooler but I believe I can squeeze another 8gb of ram so she has 16gb if that really improves streaming.

For the Xeon I could squeeze in a $40 cpu cooler and another 8gb of ram.

I'm leaning towards the 4790k because it has the highest clock and turbos to 4.4 so it should handle obs with more ease and be the biggest improvement of the three? unless 16gb of ram will be more beneficial? I'm also open to suggestions, thanks guys

I'd go for the Xeon.

The Xeon will be better in the streaming department.

I have a 1230V3 with 32GB RAM, I play games at 4k, and stream at 1080p 60fps.

Given that they have the same number of cores, and all have hyper threading, and all have the same architecture, shouldn't the only variable be the clock speed? Wouldn't the i7s perform better than the Xeon based on that alone? I mean, a a value, the Xeon would be my pick, but from a straight performance stand point, I would think that the 4790k would be the best bet.

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K CPU on an H97 board. I know they've got some bios wizardry going on, but still. The clock speed won't make much of a difference, and the extra money is better spent elsewhere.

Seems like it.

Well it does not mean that the Xeon is crap.

You're type 3 choices:

  1. Xeon 1231 v3

  2. i7 5820k

  3. FX 8350

I say go with the xeon.

The clock speed won't make much of a difference, but I am still saying that from a purely performance oriented standpoint, going with the highest frequency will result in the best performance. As far as the H97 goes, it will still work, you just won't really be able to overclock it, so going with a locked version would be the better choice unless he plans to upgrade the mobo at some point. I still think that the Xeon is the best value and what he should go with, but I am arguing theoretics and performance here.

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You're totally right. Unless someone can give a genuine reason, the i7 all day long.

Also OP, the 'S' version has been proven to not be that energy efficient after all. Unless you are saving every little watt and degree of heat in a mITX build, get the 'K' chip.

Price to performance.. maybe the xeon is worth it if you don't need the extra clock speed + less power consumption. However, if the question is 'what is the best', the 4790k.

Well if all she is doing is streaming set her up with a raspberry pi...lol

But on a more serious note as much as I like my FX 8350 it would not fair well in a micro atx case but I do have a PLEX server that transcodes streaming media which is a FX 6350 I believe and it has much better temps by comparison.

The Xeon has additional features that the 4790K does not have, it also lacks the onboard graphics processor. (which is a good thing in my world)

The only thing the 4790K has going for it other than the higher clock, is "MyWiFi" cpu tech.

Apart from non-relevant things (in this instance), like support for ECC RAM etc.. what does a xeon have that an i7 doesn't that is better for the op?

EDIT: Just watched Linus' vid.. seems to agree that all there are differences, none are really relevant to the op wanting to stream:

Since they have the same cache, same cores and he doesn't need the features of the xeon, the i7 looks to be the better processor. However, for the money involved, if I were the OP, I'd probably just go with the xeon.

Thanks everyone for the replies, after reading i'm now leaning towards the xeon with 16gb of ram and a mid range cooler. since the xeon doesn't have a onboard gpu, doesnt that mean she wont be able to use quicksync? I guess I've heard quicksync reduces quality to much anyways.

I beleve intel removed virtualization on the haswell i5/i7's thats prettymuch the only differnce apart from you can find quad core Xeon's with hyper threading for the same price of a i5 without hyper threading (you can basically buy a low end i7 for the same as a i5)

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OK dude here's the thing. I used to stream on a 8350. Problems were manageable but annoying. Now on a 4790k stock for summer. I haven't had any issues. Buddy has same system but 4690k and its barely noticeable.

The rest of the system is
Gigabyte z97 gaming something
2 gtx780 sli
16 gigs of gskill 1866
That's all that's important.

are you saying I should opt for the 4790k over the xeon?


so stick with the xeon? ive thrown the 4790s out, the xeon is just better for the money. but after looking at some benchmarks the 4790k sees a decent improvement over the xeon. the plan is to be able to stream 720p 30-45 fps, 2000-2500 bit rate, maybe some higher quality filters.

it highly depends on how your GF wants to do her streaming.

The Xeon will be the best bang for buck.
However this cpu does not feuture an igpu, which could be used for streaming with Qsync.
But the Xeon comes with 4 cores 8 Threads, and thats basicly totaly fine for streaming. as @DeusQain allready pointed out above.

If she wants to use qsync for streaming, then a 4790K would be a better choice.

OK what I am saying is get the 4690k. It's streams great. If you really feel the need for the extra ghz stock get the 4790k. It doesn't seem to me like you are going to use the pc for anything that you would need the xeon for.