A good air cpu heatsink under $50

You might wanna check out the scythe mugen 3, its extremely large tho but my experience with it is REALLY good, i cant write anm entire story right now cause im off to work but if you want i can tell you more

Cooler Master 412 slim or 212 Evo Turbo. Both come with 2 fans for push/pull config, and heard you can achieve decent OC's with either one of em. Or if available, look for any Deep Cool products, cheap, big heatsinks, usually come with 2 fans; I don't personnaly know the performance of the Deep Cool cpu coolers, but I currently have 3 120mm fans installed in my case as exhaust, and all the hot air sure gets out efficiently.

I'm actually also in the market for an aftermarket cooler, but the first 2 I mentioned are what I am really looking into.

EVGA Superclock.

Does no one check the dates on threads anymore?

omg, i just realized that!


note to self, double check date. thanks for that!